Inverted Daffodil

Built: 2018-12-13 to 2018-12-14

Build specifications

Core specifications -
Final weight (no payload, no motors) 95 g
Fin thickness 0.1 cm
Fin material plastic
Fin adhesive Plastic cement
Body material cardboard tube
Body adhesive (for bulkheads, couplers, mount points) Plastic cement/Titebond III
CP (from nose) 62.8 cm
Recovery method single main parachute
Recovery - Drogue trigger N/A
Recovery - Main trigger motor delay ejection
Recovery protection wadding

Flight specifications

Quest C12 -
Motor Quest C12-6
Launch weight 166 g (1.6 N)
Average thrust-to-weight ratio 7.5
Predicted rail exit velocity (4ft rod) 11.1 m/s
Electronics custom - telemetry (917MHz)/recording only (no flight operations)
CG (from nose) 43.7 cm
Stability 5.45 cal


A slightly modified Estes Amazon. 4 small pressure ports were drilled around the base of the payload tube. The nose cone was held on with a pair of nylon screws (nylon nuts were attached to the inside of the hollow nose cone with E6000).

The electronics were mounted on a custom laser-cut plywood sled.


A plain green was used for the majority of the rocket, with a short fade into yellow for the fins and fin can. Several coats of clear gloss were applied to provide protection.